Palm Coast Open House

This is a current listing of Open Houses in the Palm Coast area.
if you would like, I could work with you to fine tune the list to feature just the types of homes you are interested in (nearby schools, waterfront, number of rooms, etc.). That way you can concentrate on just the type of homes you want and get more bang for your buck when you’re out touring.


However, If you would like to just use this list and go out touring some Sunday – feel free! – I’m glad to help out.

Open Houses scheduled for the week of: Mar 18

Open House in Palm Coast – Benefits

If you are selling your home, hosting an Open House is a great way to get even casual lookers in to take a look. Those casual lookers may end up stumbling into their Dream Home and then everyone wins!
For the purchaser, a visit to an Open House in Palm Coast or a series of visits gives you a lightening fast perspective on multiple homes.
You can do quick side by side comparisons while several houses are fresh in your mind. This allows you to hone down to the features that are important to you that you might not have realized.
For instance, let’s say you are out visiting an Open House in Palm Coast, one of the homes on your list may have a feature (perhaps a water view) that you had never really thought about. And now it is something that you will really tend to stress on your list of “must haves”.

Please contact me if you are interested in touring some of these Open Houses in Palm Coast!

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